If not cared for and cleaned properly, glass and other surfaces, such as sinks, can easily accumulate dust buildup and water stains. Although dust buildup can be easily wiped off with a suitable cloth and window cleaner, water stains are another problem.

Mineral deposits or hard water stains are formed by a buildup of magnesium and calcium minerals. These minerals can accumulate over time on surfaces that are constantly in contact with hard water. This accumulation manifests as orange, blue, or white deposits on your dishes, appliances, and, in this case, windows.

If you have this problem and would like some assistance with regular home cleaning and don’t know how to eliminate it entirely, we have a solution for you!

Mustard Seed Cleaning Service, Inc. provides excellent office and residential cleaning services to improve the appearance and feel of your office or home. As part of our service, we also tend to high-maintenance surfaces, such as glass and sinks. Glass that is not regularly cleaned can often become stained. Staining left untreated can turn to corrosion (mineralization) and may require costly restoration or, in many cases, complete glass replacement.

Enlisting the assistance of our commercial cleaning service in Loudoun County, Virginia as a preventative precaution is an excellent strategy to fix your water stain problems. We clean our clients’ properties in a variety of ways, including using safe cleaning formulations. If your windows and other surfaces require additional attention, such as post-construction polishing or paint removal, please notify our estimators.

Our experienced cleaning services in Frederick, Maryland, can handle any job, so there’s guaranteed professional and one-of-a-kind service you can enjoy! Call 703-728-0776.